When rapid prototyping for FDM print farm manufacture, the concept is first printed on a -30% scale so that time and filament cost can be saved while the bugs get ripped out the design. This smaller printer has a 150mm x 150mm bed combined with modules for laser engraving and CNC carving. Upon being finalised, the parts are then printed at full size on the 300mm x 300mm x 400mm printer pictured below.

Line vector extrusion 0
Creating G-code 0
Tolerence simulation 0
Parametric modelling 0

CNC router.

A CNC machine works on 3 planes of axis; up/down, left/right and forwards/backwards. G-code is the instruction to the machine that makes it dance its merry dance.

Vector drawing means the lines are within a binary framework and language that a computer can interpret. There must be no breaks in the lines in order for a tool path to be found and g-code to be generated for its operation.

The CNC router is great for signage in either wood or plastic and can cut at a depth of 50mm. So long as a tool path can be found on the vector drawings, it can cut within a 350mm x 500mm bed. This machine has been vital in the conception of the ball launcher and enabled a fully mechanical prototype to be made.

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