make it real.

Diligence in research and divergence of exploration is of paramount importance, but the work must also be scaled by vectorizing modelled concepts and cross referencing the specification. E.g. there was experimentation using neodymium magnets to dampen a loaded energy release. There were positive results, but the magnets were just too heavy and too expensive. They would have significantly increased the cost price of the product therefore that door had to be closed.

quantum design.

Quantum entanglement is a fancy term scientists use to sound intelligent and you don’t need to be academic to understand it. The best way of explaining is love. We are drawn to those we love, through ways we trust, but can’t explain. We follow our hearts and look what happens when we do. The more we try to understand, the further we push the answers. However, ‘certain probability’ means we can predict outcomes based on quantum evidence. As a symphony is comprised of moments of silence between each note; the design process is comprised of moments of collation between experimentation.


The beating heart of TNS is ‘how to think’. Creative minds that juggle visualisation and execution are rare. Achieving a vision – is winning lots of little battles, with lots of small moments. Momentum cannot be created inside our head, it’s created externally, by putting energy into our challenge. Understanding this balance, is the invisible work, of a lifetime of thinking.