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Packaging Design Service – Norfolk

On top of designing the Ovafly cutting guides – we have worked with several other brands offering our graphic design skills and packaging knowledge on a sub-contractual basis. An experienced designer is anchored to reality – therefore knows exactly how much to add as well as how much to take away. This ‘delicate balance’ is how you go from divergent sketch ideation, to a clean minimal design that meets the design brief, all whilst keeping the guys in the print shop – happy. We consider everything from spine depths to fold margins and have worked with a range of cardboard specification’s.

  • Convergent sketch ideation
  • Drawing in two-point perspective – generating ideas for the packaging font family and colour palette
  • Vector Graphics in Adobe Illustrator
  • Drawing cutting guides in illustrator and exporting files for flattened print format

Packaging design norfolk


  • Client Back’n’forth
  • Working with the client to identify a clean design that matches the product range and brand identity
  • Concept images using 3D renders and decal graphics
  • Exporting dxf files as image decal’s; placing them on ‘lifelike’ computer models to produce visual concept renders ahead of production.

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