Social Media Advertising – the gift that keeps on giving

In the 1980’s, there was a big opportunity to buy up property and hang onto it. If you bought in Central London, you would have made more per year on your investment than the current average UK living wage. Social Media market development is the property of today.

The world is right at your fingertips now – you can post to anyone on the planet and if your material goes viral, you can become a short-term celebrity over night. If you put the effort into your Social Media and have the patience to build a following, you can bring the general public to you without having to go to a trade fair or pay to sell within an existing brand. The world spends more time looking at their phone now than they do sleeping. We all share the opportunity of having a say in what appears on that little screen.

There is a framework that managing Social Media accounts has to be done with, but as a general rule, the focus is on making the material relevant to the people being followed. There has to be a narrative and the people who choose not to partake in your adventure must be un-followed.

The outreach from paid social media advertising is exceptional. If you’re prepared to invest money in targeted ads, you can reach not only thousands of people, but those who have an affinity with what you’re selling. Only 3% of online buyers are actually ready to buy when they see something, but 37% are looking to buy later. It’s a process…


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