The science of splendour

It’s becoming increasingly documented by scientists (ref Sir Roger Penrose) that when we understand something, we are actually interacting with the subject using a part of the brain that’s not actually conscious.

In short, this means that the way we come to understand something, is not actually understood yet by widely accepted mathematical theories e.g. Quantum Mechanics or Einstein’s General relativity aka you couldn’t make a computer or algorithm understand it! Side note: If you check out the quantum mechanics link you will notice our logo in some of the Hydrogen Electrons or Sub-atomic particles

This has been one of the highest selling Spice Racks on google for a long time, it’s a hanging Two Tier Spice Rack for a Wall Rail sold by our clients Hahn Kitchenware. We know they sell in large volumes because Google Merchant Centre give back weekly catalogues of information in all of their categories, across all of the internet, in all of the Universe.

It’s transpiring, that the thing that makes you go “WOW” and then act on it, is not actually conscious at all, because you’re not just looking at the product, you’re visualizing where it fits in your future. If you buy it, was it the future that you imagined?

Aside from the fact the whole internet is now visual, we all have an opportunity to offer a huge market something they haven’t seen before that is still totally within the guidelines of selling something.
Although the product is a totally real thing, enhancements such as cinematic lens flaring and other artistic techniques (mastered over many hours of practice) have added a real drama to the image. We’ve controlled the narrative of a product by telling a story around the environment it’s pictured in.
The image feels warm, cosy and cinematic.
Nobody seems to know how long Instagram is gonna last but, at present, it is ferociously competitive. The world and his dog are seizing the opportunity to advertise products and services for free; accessing a sea of people. We’ve noticed different Social Media formats become categorized by different kinds of activity, with Instagram by far the most effective for visual selling.
This image was posted as a ‘story’ on Instagram with the #chefstagram hashtag and it was seen by more than 2000 people over just one weekend. It even led to the sale of the Rail and Accessory Bundle advertised, which has a value of over £100.
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