Logo; Heraclitus and the principles of order


The logo’s: Heraclitus used it to refer to a principle of order and knowledge; Stoics used it to refer to the divine animating principle pervading the Cosmos, and Philo adopted the term into Jewish Philosophy. In Christianity, the Gospel of John identifies the Logos as divine and Jesus as the incarnate Logos.

First of all, it must be said, that we LOVE designing logos. It’s kind of a mini version of much larger projects, but the process is just the same and the outcome comes after only a couple of days. To a Product Designer, logo design is a bit like a Belgian truffle to a chocoholic.

The cherry on the cake TNS can offer you is having your logo actually embellished onto something – making you Key Rings, Signage or even a Coffee Coaster with your logo. It’s handy to know this is your intention from the beginning so the best course of action can be decided.

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