PPC Shopping Ads – the skills of our time

There is an epidemic in the West; people are frightened to invest their money. To make money, you have to invest something. If you own a business, there are some very risk averse ways of doing this.

The search index using internet user only equates to about 3% of all the internet itself. For every product or service in the world, search engines use a taxonomy to categorise items and services.

In a given location, for every word or term you use, there will be a total number of people you can access. The popularity of your chosen field dictates how competitive it is and therefore how much you have to bid – to get your advert to appear high for that search.

When it comes to advertising a product, the rules are different, but the results even more astonishing. You can’t sell on Google Shopping without registered Gtin and Mpn numbers.

If you’re interested in seeing how this has worked for us in the past, we can provide you with statistics that will dissipate your concerns.

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Every generation had its limitations and opportunities – technology is facilitating the world around us. Your gift … is time to think.

With that said, if you’re not building your following on Social Media and deploying Digital Marketing skills… well, you’re missing out. This is a numbers game and like in any equation, you can use formulas to reach the outcome you want.

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